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Endless Basecamp




In Progress

Non-Profit, Architecture

2,900 SF

SixTwentyOne is in the early phases of designing and prototyping the basecamp structures that will anchor each Endless Outdoors base site around the nation.  Endless Outdoors, driven by the goal to get today’s youth joyfully reengaged in the outdoors, engaged SixTwentyOne to design their brand identity and conceptualize the architectural elements that will make up the dynamic Base Camps for the organization. 


The brief for the project required that the structures tread lightly on the earth so that they can be removed with minimal disturbance, that they maintain a level of flexibility to accommodate different site conditions, and that they were easily prefabricated off-site to take advantage of construction in a controlled environment. Sticking with the Endless ideals of passionate engagement in the outdoors, the structures are also designed to live off the grid where required by utilizing solar power mounted to the canopy that connects the activity spaces to the staff offices. 


The minimal form is inspired by the simplicity of the historic dogtrot home, common in early developed areas of the central and southern United States.  The form encourages natural cross-ventilation and provides a covered outdoor common area for gathering and socializing.  The goal of the Endless Basecamp is that it will serve not just as a shelter, but as a lesson in sustainable building for all the program’s eager young nature enthusiasts.

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