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Passive Refresh




Complete, 2020
Single-Family Residential
2,500 SF

This home renovation, designed in 2019 and slated for construction in 2020, is a much-deserved update for a home that has served the original homeowners and their family for more than 35 years.  The home’s original one-off design was driven heavily by passive-solar methodologies that capture and use the sun’s daylight and shield the interior from unwanted solar glare.  The homeowners approached SixTwentyOne with the challenge to reimagine the interior in the spirit of the original structure by celebrating natural materials, simple lines and functional space. 
The resulting design maximizes the daylight in the space by adding functional north-facing skylights and using a light material palette complemented by natural stone.  A timeless design that will serve the family for the next 35 years and beyond. 

Completed in collaboration with Kali Buchanan Interior Design
Photography by Matthew Anderson

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