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Canopy House




Complete, 2017

Single-Family Residential

2,500 SF

The Canopy House is a lakeside retreat for a growing family in rural Missouri.  Acting as the primary residence for this active couple and their two young children the home had to be cost-effective, resilient, and take full advantage of the natural surroundings.  The main spaces of the home are elevated a full story above the ground, nestled among the canopies of the surrounding native oak trees, and taking full advantage of the spectacular lake views.  The exterior of the home is clad in oiled cedar that will weather to a natural grey that will blend perfectly with the surrounding natural vegetation.  


The home’s lake house character is highlighted immediately upon arrival, featuring a framed view of the lake whether arriving by foot or by car.  A massive outdoor two-story outdoor deck offers ample space to enjoy the outdoors in any season.

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