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Centennial Building




Complete, 2010

Architecture, Interiors

160,000 SF

In 2010, this prominent Kansas City company embarked on an aggressive plan to reimagine its work environment and transform hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space throughout four buildings in downtown Kansas City. Through close collaboration with the company’s internal facilities team, the design team developed a strategy that would increase communication and collaboration, promote health, and reinforce the company’s people-centric culture.


The Centennial Building was the first of the four buildings to go through a complete renovation. The expansive 40,000 sf Centennial Building footprint was divided in half by a dynamic central core of meeting and break out spaces and further broken down into smaller “neighborhoods” by locating private office pods throughout. This created an organizational system for teams within the business unit and further reinforced collaboration.  Vibrant colors and patterns were used throughout to bring life to the existing building that had minimal connection to natural daylight and views.

Photo Credit:  Michael Robinson


Role: Project Architect at HOK

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