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Community LINC




Complete, 2019

Non-Profit, Interiors

850 SF

In 2019, through a partnership with the Centurions Leadership program, SixTwentyOne had the opportunity to lead design and construction efforts with Community LINC, a local nonprofit focused on helping to end the cycle of family homelessness. The project aimed to serve some of the most at-risk members of the community, the city’s homeless youth, by renovating and re-imagining the organization’s Elementary Education Center.


The new Center offers a space for academic support and tutoring for the hundreds of children Community LINC serves each year, addressing key deficiencies that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Children’s resilience and life skills, academic assistance, and Mental Wellness Counseling reduce the damage of homelessness and awaken children to new life options. The space is now a state-of-the-art learning environment suited to a modern, STEAM focused curriculum.

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