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Jamestown Square




In Construction
Multi-Family Residential
250  Units

Jamestown Square is a new multifamily development in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. This site sits in a unique location, at a confluence of many different architectural scales, uses, aesthetics and densities.  The aim of the design is to take these seemingly disparate communities and weave them together into a single, considered development that will add to the urban fabric for decades to come. 


The communities surrounding this unique site include an historic single-family neighborhood, a vibrant restaurant and retail corridor, and a dense urban medical campus.  By drawing on the scale and contextual material cues, the design pulls from these communities and adds unique elements from each into one cohesive whole.  


SixTwentyOne is proud to have completed the design of this transformative project in partnership with our friends and colleagues at Helix Architecture + Design, and with the dedicated development team at Milhaus.

Renderings by SixTwentyOne

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