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Prairie Light




In Construction
Single-Family Residential
4,500 SF

Prairie Light is a home designed for an active, design-oriented family of four.  The home’s design emphasizes the concepts of natural light, timeless design, and seamless indoor-outdoor living. Conceptually, the home’s design is centered around a slit of daylight that runs through the center of the home, introducing natural light deep into the interior spaces.

Working with the client, who also happens to be a talented interior designer and founder of Kali Buchanan Interior Design, the design team conceived an interior design that is both functional and stylish, with an emphasis on natural materials and neutral tones. The use of wood, masonry, and other natural materials creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Prairie Light is a striking example of functional design that seamlessly blends the indoors and outdoors, acting as the perfect retreat for an active family. 

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