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The who behind the what and the why.

One summer solstice not long ago, our founders sat over a golden brew and agreed to change the design industry for the better.

That date (6/21) became etched in our consciousness and began to form a foundation for what would become SixTwentyOne.  The name represents our optimistic approach, the embrace of untapped potential, and an anticipation of new beginnings. SixTwentyOne represents the Six founding ideals of the studio that will allow us to better serve clients in the 21st century. It represents a guiding light that reminds us that this studio was founded first and foremost to maximize our positive impact, and the impact of others, through considered design.

That's a fact.

Kara was named National Young Architect of the Year by the AIA in 2017, and was awarded the Sho-Ping Chin Women's Leadership Summit Grant in 2019.

See the press release here!

Our Founders

Kara Bouillette AIA, LEED AP


Kara drives our passion for delivering world-class quality projects with the foremost goal of providing a positive and meaningful experience for our clients.  She heads our community engagement and outreach efforts and has been nationally recognized as a rising star in the design industry.  In 2017 she was awarded the AIA National Young Architect of the Year Award and is a 2019 Sho-Ping Chin Women’s Leadership Honoree .  Kara is a passionate advocate for the arts and a champion for a renewed sense of work-life balance within the design industry.  She believes that every person is entitled to a fulfilling work and personal life, and that this balance is key to the future of our profession.

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Dan Brown AIA, LEED AP

Dan is an award-winning architect and designer with a passion for innovation and creating a positive impact through design.  He leads our design and innovation efforts with an optimist’s mindset and a humble confidence.  Dan believes that design can and should be democratized, and that an inclusive design process produces the most impactful outcome. His past design work has been nationally recognized, serving as the Principal and lead architect for projects featured in publications like Dwell, Dezeen, Residential Design, Design Milk and Arch Daily.

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Jacob Littrell AIA, LEED AP

Jacob is one of those rare designers with an equal grasp of, and passion for, the design and business side of the profession. His logistic-driven approach ensures our clients see measurable value in the design solutions we produce.  Jacob has been recognized as a Next Gen Leader in Kansas City for his ability to see through the noise and deliver a clear and concise path to design solutions that balance great design and real-world economics.  

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