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Strang Chef Collective


Hospitality / Restaurant

10,000 SF

When Strang Chef Collective was looking to expand to their third and most ambitious location, they envisioned a space that captured the spirit of authenticity exemplified by their eclectic cuisine, and they tapped SixTwentyOne’s Architecture and Interior Design team to help make this vision a reality.  This unique food hall concept serves a dual role as a community gathering/dining space and as the sole restaurant in a new high-end hotel in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza.

Authenticity in space is driven by a true connection to place, so SixTwentyOne worked diligently to source local natural materials and utilize custom detailing to tie the architecture of Strang Chef Collective back to its Country Club Plaza context.  The space is a balanced combination of large communal dining tables and smaller defined breakout spaces for more intimate gatherings.  Central to the space is a marquee stair that connects the two levels and four chef stations and embraces the energetic and active personality of the neighborhood, and the restaurant itself. 

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