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The Oasis


Single-Family Residential
2,500 SF
Project of the Year 2023
(Design KC Magazine)

The Oasis is a renovation and addition for a couple who does extensive entertaining throughout the year. With a large, multigenerational family to entertain, this home is the hub of activity for both young and mature.  
The design incorporates several different areas of activity that are designed to serve a specific purpose.  A partially covered canopy for dining, a covered canopy for lounging that provides shelter from the sun, and an active fire pit that serves as a focal point for all the various spaces.  The design complements the existing architecture of the home and provides for an easy flow between indoor and outdoor space.   A true oasis that will serve the family for years to come.  

Project completed in collaboration with Lisa Schmitz Interior Design.  
Photography by Nate Sheets.

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